Leah Gosselin
Leah in August 2013

Basic Information

Full name: Leah Hope Gosselin
Birthday: May 10, 2004 (age 14)
Residence: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Middle School student
Other names: Little Princess
Interests: Math, baking

Physical Information

Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Relationship Information

Parents: Jon Gosselin
Kate Gosselin
Siblings: Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Alexis, Aaden, Collin & Joel
Relatives: 3 aunts & 3 uncles

Leah Hope Gosselin is the fifth born of Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextupl

About LeahEdit

Leah was the fifth born of the sextuplets to be delivered via Caesarean section on May 10, 2004 at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. She was born between 7:51 a.m. and 7:54 a.m., weighing 2 pounds, 14.8 ounces, measuring 15.4 inches long.[1]

Known as the "Little Princess," Leah Hope Gosselin is number five of the sextuplets. She is the smallest of the clan, but has the uncanny ability to lure the rest into trouble. She loves pandas and penguins, and really any animal. Leah is best friends with Hannah and can be heard asking for "her Hannie" when she's upset. Leah has a big voice that comes out of that tiny mouth and she knows what she wants!

In an August 2013 interview with People magazine, Leah is described as a math whiz. She says she would like to teach little kids and then work in her sister Hannah's bakery. [2]


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