Collin Gosselin
Collin in August 2013

Basic Information

Full name: Collin Thomas Gosselin
Birthday: May 10, 2004 (age 13)
Residence: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Middle School student
Nicknames: Colly, Coggy, Colly Tommy, Ba Ba
Interests: Drawing

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Relationship Information

Parents: Jon Gosselin
Kate Gosselin
Siblings: Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Leah & Joel
Relatives: 3 aunts & 3 uncles

Collin Thomas Gosselin is the fourth born of Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextuplets.

About CollinEdit

Collin was the fourth of the sextuplets to be delivered via Caesarean section on May 10, 2004 at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. He was born between 7:51 a.m. and 7:54 a.m., weighing 3 pounds and 0.5 ounces and measuring fifteen inches long, making him the biggest of the six.[1]

Before Kate knew she was pregnant, Mady was already asking for a little brother named Collin. He gets his middle name, "Thomas," from Jon's father. Collin was the largest of the babies, the only one to be born weighing over three pounds. He's still the biggest sextuplet and finishes his food first. He will eat anything in sight! Nicknamed "Colly" or "Colly Tommy" (which his Mom called him). He was also nicknamed Ba ba (which his Dad called him) because he’s the biggest. Collin is outspoken and can be stubborn. He is quiet and methodical about any messes he makes or trouble he causes! Overall, he is very sensitive and has a very close bond with Cara, his "C buddy." He has a mechanical mind and likes for everything to be in a particular order. He is a great helper ... and lines up the shoes perfectly with pride.[2] happened

School troubleEdit

In 2010, it was reported that six-year-olds Alexis and Collin had been expelled from their private school for "angry behavior." Collin would get angry and crumple papers, throwing them on the floor.[3] A source close to the family says that the two "fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids."[4]

Kate stated that they were not expelled, a word the school did not use. She says the school felt as though they "could meet their needs anymore," so the decision was made the kids should leave. They then began seeing a private tutor until they were ready to reenter school. The two also went to a therapist, where they began improving from the post-divorce anger they were suffering.[3] There was a claim that Kate lied and the kids had in fact been expelled, one for causing physical harm to an adult on two occasions.[5]

In an August 2013 interview with People magazine, Collin is described as being laid-back. According to his teacher, he is friends with everyone.[6]